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New Sport Seasons Yet To Come

Football seasons over with even tho it wasn’t a good season we will get em next time. Boys basketball is starting soon. Guess What? VALLEYS BEST SPORT WRESTLING!!!!! There 1st match starts November 29th at south oldham. Then a tournament at doss on the second we will keep u updated on our wrestling team throughout

Layer like a champ for Winter Sports – Presented by 37.5® Technology

Chilly temperatures are coming. And if you’re an athlete gearing up for the Winter Sports season, or one who just likes to get outside to stay active, layering up is an important part of performing at your peak. Here’s how to do it like a champ with products that use our patented 37.5 Technology: Base-layers

Where Are the Toughest Places to Play? Nominate Now:

We here at VNN are doing a feature for our national media site highlighting the toughest places to play in all of high school sports and we want to hear from YOU what Stadium/Field/Gym/Course/Venue is the toughest to play and why? Loading… Be on the lookout for the final feature coming soon on!   Presented by:

What can 26% more do for your game? – Presented by 37.5® Technology

You know the stories – Tom Brady in Super Bowl LI, LeBron and Kyrie Irving in the 2016 NBA Finals, Landon Donovan vs. Algeria at the 2010 World Cup, 2015’s 2nd ‘Serena Slam,’ all unbelievable performances by athletes in un-winnable environments. Work hard in the first three quarters and often you’ll come away the victor,


Baseball conditioning has started already come Monday thru Friday after school.

Valley vs Iroquois

Valleys Football Team lost 2-6. It was a good game. With Brayden Campos out and Tymetrious as quarter back lets see where the season will go. Go follow our instagram @valleyvikings033 .

Valley v Iroquois

Fridays game against Iroquois has been moved to Thursday 7:30. Due to Hurricane Harvey. Make sure you bring a umbrella or a good rain jacket in case it rains so you’ll be prepared. Lets bring our Viking Spirit to todays game and wish our players good luck and to stay safe during their game !